Indonesian Consulate General in Dubai Received Dubai’s Immigration Award










Last Thursday, located at Dubai Head Office of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (Immigration) in Aweer, Dubai – PEA, The Indonesian Consulate General in Dubai received an award from the Director General of Dubai Residency and Foreigners Affairs (Immigration), Major-General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri.

The award was given on the synergy and cooperation in handling Indonesian Migran Workers (TKI), especially TKI informal sector (Domestic/Household Administration).

Besides Indonesia, the representatives of the Philippines, Srilanka, Pakistan and Palestine also received similar award.

In his speech, Major-General Al Marri expressed high appreciation to the Indonesian Consulate General in Dubai and 4 representatives from other countries on good cooperation so far. He added that Dubai Immigration Office kept opening itself to each concrete form of cooperation in relation to the efforts of reducing the cases of domestic sector workers/PLRT.

The Indonesian Consul-General in Dubai, Imam Santoso, expressed appreciation to Dubai Immigration Office regarding the award and extended hope for improved cooperation and better communication and information access to fasten up the settlement process of many cases involving TKI, especially informal sector (PLRT).

Major-General Al Marri later on pointed out the major factors of domestic sector workers’ problems, where in his opinions existed in recruitment stage and debriefing in their origin countries.

The informal workers who would come to Dubai/ PEA were supposed to be given more complete information on PEA law and culture. According to Major-General Al Marri, their being not ready to work and minimum knowledge on Dubai/PEA and work environment was one of the major causes of TKI-PLRT problems.

However, Major-General Al Marri recorded that this year there was a decrease in the number of running away cases of around 30% compared to that last year. The decrease was believed to be the result of the efforts and cooperation of all parties, including the governments of the origin countries, the Indonesian Consulate General in Dubai, in this case.

In the near future, Dubai Immigration Office would oblige insurance in health and work-accident of each informal sector worker who would be borne to each service user/the master. This was one of the steps to be taken by Dubai Immigration Office in relation to minimizing the cases of PLRT workers who ran away from their masters. (Source : the Indonesian Consulate General in Dubai)