Minister of Foreign Affairs follows up on e-impromptu visit

(Jakarta-MFA). Last Sunday (30/11), President Jokowi did another impromptu visit to a few groups of Indonesian labors overseas. Then, the next day on Monday (12/1) The Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi did follow-ups to a few of the ambassadors.

Retno emphasized the President’s will to fix internal and external sectors. Therefore, it is the Minister’s duty in the external factor to make sure that everything goes well.

I’m asking for a guarantee to all ambassadors to make sure that everything goes well in the external sector. I see that the internal sector is as serious. Everybody needs to work together,” she said.

One example of the follow ups was when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs heard a complaint that there was a “mafia” within the Indonesian Embassies. The Minister said that it was intolerable. She felt that everyone in the Indonesian Embassies is a representative of the Indonesian government that has to be truthful in giving protection for Indonesian residents overseas.

The first female Minister in Indonesia then stated that she would not tolerate corruption within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and within Indonesian Embassies. “I give zero tolerance to corruption,” she said.

Few issues that were also discussed during the online meeting include the health of the Indonesian residents, their legal protection, and learning facilities. “I’m aware that these issues are not easy to deal with, but we as the representative of the Indonesian government still need to give our best,” she added.

Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur admitted that they were currently trying to facilitate education for children of Indonesian labors, even though it was an informal education. They even had doctors that routinely come to troubled labor camps. “We also have lawyers to help our troubled labors,” said the vice ambassador, Hermono.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Ambassador in Egypt admitted that one of his local staffs was involved in a crime. The accused is currently in verbal process, waiting to be punished by the law.

We will immediately report to the President about this, to make sure that we give our best legal protection,” said the Minister.

(Contributed by: M. Aji Surya)